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Bucket Bowser

Bucket Bundie Bucket Bundie

The Bucket Bundie allows operators of machines with buckets to simply scoop up the bowser and drive it across sites, making it easy to get fuel or other fluids to where you need them, especially in difficult terrain.


No additional equipment is needed, drivers simply aim the bucket at the slots in the support legs (part of the patented Bucket Loading System) and then tilt the bowser back in to the bucket.


Bucket Bundie is available in three sizes – 450-litre, 1,000-litre and 2,250-litre – and all are ruggedly built by ACE Plant at its Old Stratford HQ near Milton Keynes. Quality and the heavy duty construction are key features of the bowser, as well as being UN IBC certified.


Many users have found the Bucket Bundie solves the problem of refuelling in remote locations and the security issue involved with leaving fuel on site overnight. With the Bucket Bundie, operators can simply pick up the bowser after a day’s work and store it in a secure area.


The Bucket Bundie can be fitted with various pump/filter combinations for dispensing fuel or water. Pertinent with the introduction of Stage IV emission regulations at the beginning of this year, Bucket Bundie can also be used for the transport and dispensing of adblue®.


ACE Plant is the sole agent in the UK and Europe. It is manufacturing and selling the Bucket Bundie (with the patent protected Bucket Loading System) under licence from inventor, Mick Tye.


Mick, a life-time plant man, came up with the idea for the Bucket Loading System and the design was inaugurated at the Site Equipment demonstration ground where it won a silver medal in 1998 as the Tye Bucketbowser. This forerunning design has subsequently been further improved and modelled, with the latest variant, now called the Bucket Bundie, on show at the Hillhead exhibition.


A 1,000-litre Bucket Bundie is currently in use at Packington Estates’ new sand and gravel quarry at Stonebridge. Quarry manager, Lindsay Smith said: “The Bucket Bundie offers a really efficient solution to what can otherwise be a logistical challenge. It can be transported by the equipment that’s already on site. It is safer than trying to tow a static bowser behind a loading shovel. It saves time, money and wear and tear on machinery and prevents any contamination from one end of the quarry to the other.”


ACE Plant Managing Director, Frank Cundell said: “The Bucket Bundie is really starting to take off. The simplicity and convenience mean that operators can quickly move bowsers without any hassle. Furthermore, we are starting to roll out the idea into other products such as water tanks, tool boxes and dust suppression units as we see this system as a bit of a game-changer.”


Michael Tye said: “Working with the ACE Plant team has been a delight. They have developed the original concept into a practical and useful product that is dramatically changing how operators around the world are working on sites.”


ACE Plant’s director Alan White will be looking after all sales (in the home market and export).


The Bucket Bowser has a patented Bucket Loading System (patent number GB 2335645).


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