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Dust Suppression Units

From ACE Plant comes a full range of dust suppression equipment and choice of water distribution method that's not only right for your site and application but for your budget too.



 Quick Fill in Action


Our Quickfill System enables total in-cab operation for safe filling, saving downtime. Only one spool valve required, comes complete with docking cone and suction hose, further docking cones available if required. This system can be retro-fitted to ACE Plant dust suppression units.













Splash Plate on Site


The Splash Plate is the traditional method using a pressure feed for the water onto a flat plate causing it to spray outwards and upwards. This method can allow up to 9m wide drenching of roadway.












 Rain Gun

Our Rain Gun powered by a high capacity centrifugal hydraulic pump can produce water streams of up to 70m+ reach. This function is powerful enough to be used for fire fighting.















Dust Suppression Spinning DiskThe hydraulic spinning disc ultra lightweight carbon fibre disc utilises Formula One technology. Water is gravity fed onto the disc to achieve a fine mist or site drenching deluge. Discharge is regulated either by a reducing valve which can be preset to the required flow, or by controlling the speed of the hydraulic disc. Using less water than pressurised systems, the spinning disc is more economical and more efficient in its use of resources. As an example, under pressure, 2000 gallons of water takes a matter of only eight minutes to discharge, whilst with the hydraulic spinner this is extended to ninety minutes, with the knock-on benefits of not needing to refill the tank so frequently and that one man can do so much more damping.






 Road Wash System

 The Road Wash System offers water under pressure for effective cleaning of the road, wash down hose and nozzle can also be added. Low level low pressure fill point enables ground floor filling from a pumped water supply with little pressure required, saving climbing ladders with hoses to fill the unit. Fully opening rear door for easy, safe access to the Dust Suppression Unit when cleaning and inspecting.

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